Samuel Chandler and
Polly Parkinson Family

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Individual Photos

Nessie Estella (Hobbs)
b. 20 Sep 1873
d. 11 Oct 1937
Edith Arabella
b. 26 Jun 1875
d. 16 May 1877
Samuel William
b. 22 Nov 1876
d. 20 May 1930
b. 21 Oct 1878
d. 14 May 1942
Albert Hobbs
b. 14 Dec 1880
d. 16 Aug 1958
Leonard George
b. 27 Sep 1882
d. 1 Oct 1972
Theresa (Brossard)
b. 22 Oct 1884
d. 12 May 1971
Raymond Charles
b. 12 Jan 1888
d. 4 Oct 1976
Anita (Smoot)
b. 11 Jan 1889
d. Dec 1984
Bernice Richard
b. 12 Apr 1893
d. 11 Aug 1976
Roland Hobbs
b. 8 May 1895
d. 18 Feb 1979
Myrtle (Russell)
b. 15 Sep 1899
d. 7 Feb 1977
Roma (Crawford)
b. 17 Apr 1902
d. 1 Apr 1971

Group Photos

Samuel and Polly's house in Franklin from the south
Polly, May, Nessie, & Therese
Courtesy of Vicky Holley
L-R: Myrtle (on horse), Polly, Roma, a Hobbs relative,
Therese, Roland, Bernice (holding horse), Samuel C.
house from the southeast
Courtesy of Vicky Holley
Restored by Ben Parkinson

Same shot before electronic restoration Similar shot restored physically by ZCMI
Courtesy of Ben Parkinson

The house in 2005, from the south
From Ben Parkinson
The house in 2005, from the east
From Ben Parkinson

Samuel and Polly's barnyard
Original albumen 8x10
L-R: Roma, Myrtle, Roland, Bernice, Samuel C.
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston

Polly with children in
Hoboken, New York
(maybe Roland and Myrtle)
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston
The Four Samuels
Samuel Rose Parkinson (seated)
Samuel Chandler Parkinson (top right)
Samuel William Parkinson (top left)
Samuel Taylor Parkinson (boy)
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston

Franklin school
Courtesy of Vicky Holley
Closeup of Roland (top right)
and Bernice (center)

Roland, Bernice, and unidentified friend (or brother?)
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston

Deseret Gym, Salt Lake
Courtesy of Vicky Holley

Closeup of Roland (left) and Bernice (to right of his X)

The 6 sons of Samuel and
Mary Ann Parkinson (in order of height)
L-R: Roland, Sammy, Bernice
(pronounced BUR-nis), Albert, Leonard, Raymond
Courtesy of Brian Motes
Smilar shot
Top, L-R: Raymond, Roland, Bernie
Bottom: Albert, Sammy, Leonard
Courtesy of Eric Parkinson

Raymond and Bernice
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston
L-R: Ruth (Roland's wife), baby Richard?, Bernice,
Karma (Bernice's wife), Roland
Neighbors in Franklin
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston

Family gathering 1956
L-R: Karma (wife of Bernice), John & Myrtle Russell, Darrell & Roma Crawford
Courtesy of Vicky Holley

Family gathering 1956
Front, L-R: Leonard, Anita, Myrtle, Roland, Roma, Bernice
Back: Albert, Raymond
Courtesy of Vicky Holley

Eva (Albert's wife), Viola (Raymond's wife), Anita, Myrtle,
Emma (Leonard's wife), Karma (Bernice's wife), Roma, Ruth (Roland's wife)
Courtesy of Vicky Holley

Samuel and Mary Ann's family 1959
Roma's house in Ogden, or Anita's house in Provo
L-R: Leonard, Myrtle, Roma, Raymond, Roland, Anita, Bernice
Courtesy of Boyd Crawford

Leonard's 89th birthday, 27 Sep 1971, Logan
Bernice, Karma, Leonard, Ruth, Roland with two of Leonard's grandkids
Courtesy of Vicky Holley

Samuel's headstone, 2005
Franklin Cemetery (northwest corner)
From Ben Parkinson
Mary Ann Hobbs Parkinson
headstone, 2005
Franklin Cemetery
From Ben Parkinson

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