Samuel Chandler Parkinson
Southern States Mission, 20 May 188423 April 1885
Transcribed by Mary Etta Parkinson
May 2002

Additional annotations November 2005

Samuel Chandler Parkinson, b. 20 February 1853, St. Louis, Missouri, d. 20 May 1922, Franklin, Idaho.

[The following portion of the transcription has been annotated with information provided by Chris Ozbrin and Frances Nichols of Franklin County Archives and Research Center, 300 E Limestone Street, Russellville, AL 35653.  256-332-8827.  These women were unusually knowledgeable of the community families from the early days of the Franklin County, AL to the present, November 17, 2005.  The annotations serve to hopefully identify the geographical areas of some of the journal entries.  It is hoped that  this information may be useful to other descendants of Samuel Chandler Parkinson who may wish to visit and/or walk the areas where Samuel Chandler walked so many miles during his mission to the Southern States.  These annotations are bracketed and bolded.  See for Franklin County township maps.  The contemporary reservoirs would have been only small creeks that could be stepped across in 1884. ]

 The following was microfilmed by the Utah Historical Society in Preston, 29 November 1955 from original in the posession of B. R. Parkinson. 1 Volume. Cover stamped:  Mission Journal, Southern States May 1884 to 1885.


May 14, 1884
Members who have paid for the Contributor
W. Kirkup paid
G. Pomery "
G. Alders "
M. Prieart "
Emma Comish "
L.Andrews "

6 [undreadable]

May 14, 84
Donation List
S. [.] Robinson $ 00.25
S.C. Cutler 00.25
R.C. Parkinson 01.00
T. Webster 01.00
W.H. Smart 00.50
A.p. Shumway 00.50
W. Whitehead 00.50
E. K[.] k[.]y 01.00
C. [------]
O. L. Parker 01.00
J. Herd 00.50
J. Calle[.] 00.50

L.L. Hatch $00.50
L. Andrus 01.00
Total $11.50
Sharlott Prat 01.50
Clarsia Parkinson 00.50

pocket Cumpus
2 pare of drawers
1 umbrella
2 Shirts Colored
2 pair of cellulide cuffs
X bosom "
1 comb & glas [mirror] & towel
X rasir & Sope
1 key
1 X satchel
X pencils
one Brush Close [clothes brush]

9 ano
Mexico andrain County /
Ewerd Bery

James Packer Wingey
Peg Menmuido Ray


May 16, 1884 Missionary
Donation for SCP.
Martha Hobb $ 1.00
Zina Goslan 00.10
Sister [....] 01.50
Jas. Packer 01.00
Thomas Smart 2.00
W. Woodward 1.00
L. L. Hatch 4.00
W. L. Webster 5.00
C. Parkinson 0.50
A. a. Parkinson 1.00
[...] Durant 0 .50
Carrie More 0.50
S. O. Robinson 0.50
Thos' Mendenhall 1.50
Jos. Sarbrough 1.00

Eloisa Nash 00.60
Andresn .25
Walter Wickham 1.00
S. R. Cutler 1.00
Anna Lundgrun .50
Chas Hobb Sen 1.00
Mary Hawks .50
Jos Perkins .50
James Packer Sen 2.00
Luisa Mendenhall 2.00
A. P. Fordham 1.00
James Hobbs Jun 1.00
W. C. Parkinson 3.00
Nellie Parkinson 2.00
G. C. 2.00
P. B. Nash 1.00
Edith Hadlock 1.00


C. Peterson 02.00
F. Low Sen[ior] 01.50
Joseph Parkinson .15
W. Hobbs 02.00
Sister Webster 01.00
A. Alder 0.50
Joseph Parkinson .10
S. R. Parkinson $10.00

May 27, 1884 Received
from Co. $50.00

Aug 25 received from
A. A. Parkinson ($1.00)
Aug 3 _. C. p. ($5.00)
Sharlotte Pratt $ 1.00

[See p. 72 of the journal for further detail of the following entry.]
June 7 Left one voise of warning
at the foot of the mountain
June 16 left one of John Morgan
first track at Sister Pills
June 16 Left one vois of warning
At Mrs. Smith to read

[revival] Camp meetings
and elect day/and/ are holidays
for the devel and his

B. H. Roberts
Chattanooga Box 103 Tenn

Tazwell Co [VA or IL]
John T Litely
Y. M. Jamson
[Berks] Gardener
[emmigrated] [--]

15 [blank]

Ler the Children to Sing.
They ras thir [difapirs] here
and we hve to by [buy] ours.
It is hard on boots here and
Clothing nothing but mountains
and timber here.
I grant many of the people
here is in Slavery as bad as
the /negroe/ niggers was before the wore [war]
People is verry deceitful here.
The most of them it is hard
to tell who is your friend. the
Elders onely have one friend that
they can depend on and that
is the Lord.
meeting last Sunday
" to day

[It appears that the following pages are notations for a letter to his wife Polly/Pollie.]

A great menny of the
wimmin in this Contrey
have Children and dont know
where they get them.
plow run without horse
or man.
I wonder if I am missed at
Walnut nut is good for
Ask James Chawick the pres [price]
of bran, that bran in
the bin belongs to the
they have thir dinner at
a levon [eleven] o clock

To [two] m
Men killed here last
Night Stabed and Shot
one another.
Polly it is hard for me to
Study I would rather work.
Most all the cows here have
Venom horns. I have wore
my hat out faning my Self.
my boy is all rite.
you know Polly that We
live verry well and now it goes
rather hard with me.
is thir plenty of water in
the well.
I am not Better than the
potatoes 2 feet long

Pollie I must say I am
getting rather lazy.
they toat there water on there
head here.
Where did they thrash?
How mutch is pork worth
a pound? is the pigs
verry large? fat them urley.
Will the Cows give milk
all winter? Tell Charley
to feed the milke Cows
hay. How mutch Wood
has Charley hauled?
fead your Chickens good
Top your appel treas

I have ben where Larnce
and Garson is none [known].
Some times I am verry
tired at night
I have [-] where there is
[-] manny nigers
the first they speak about
is [-] .
how do you get along Si[..]
the [-] and so many of
To a [-] folks are gone.
W. C. Parkinson do you want
[Benney] owns plase
Does the cows give milk
Father A [-] my [-]
the people are in a Starving condision.

The fire plasses are
6 ft wide.
Most the people tredt
you kind
Pollie the people Saying
and the Children are the
Best looking family they Ever Seen.

July 12 Sent one letter to
Esther and one to Franklin
and one Joshaway Hawks.


Tim 3 Cap 15--16

1 Cron 29-29

2 Cron 2 : 15

1 Cor 5 cap [chapter] 4 virs
1 " 15 " 29 "

Col 4 " 16 "
Efes, Jude 3

1 Gla 1 8 "
Jude 14 "

[ 10 - - -]]

John 14 Chap 26 ve

2 _____ Chap 3 "

5 " " 31 "
12 Corin 1
Efe 4 chap

1 Cor 13 Chap 8 "
Act 15 "

1 Tim 1 " 14 "
Titus 1 " 5 "

Donations to S.C.P.
Sep 23 Received five dollars
from Company by W.C. P.

June 20 received $5.00
from S.R. Parkinson
and one dollar from
Clarse Parkinson and
$5.00 five doller from
Pollie Parkinson

[Henry] [heading of page]
2 epes 2 15,16,17
Col 4 Chap 16

ephes 6 virs

[Buttler] [heading of page]

7 chap 15 Mathew
2 epe 9 verse
1 Col 21 "
5 "
7 Chap of Matthew 15 ve
2 Peter 19-20-21
29 Chap Gen
49 " " 22
85 " Salms
28 " Izek 21
29 " "

37 chap Gal 15 vers
36 chap Jeremiah

[blank page]

[pp 30, 31 missing]

p. Henery [heading]

Mr. [H....] seed the
Arem [Cela . er] should
receive the Holy Ghost

[vertically on the page]
1 11 eve 9 verse
12 chap Cor 1-9 vers

1 of romans 16
16 cp of Mark 16 v
20 " " Act 20
1 Tim 1
2 Thes 2 Chapter
1 Chap Gla 6 "
1 " firs [-] 1 "
13 " " " 15
4 " ephe
2 " Acts
16 " John 13 v
5 " Act 32
6 " Acts
5 " John 26
5 " John 26 [or 25]
5 " Peter 18-19
2 K 3

July 12 received a letter
from George C. Parkinson
Prs A. Cazier Eqs [Esq.]
Box 103 Chattanooga Tenn
Care of B. H. Roberts
[Smithsville] [Morrison] Co.
Mr miss [& Mrs] Joseph Hunt
T. S. Smith
Morgan Co. Ala

July 13 answered Georges letter
Anny Parkinson Letter not answered
Sharlott P Pratt " " "
E. Buckley " " "
Lucy Parkinson " " "
A. A. Parkinson " " "

36 [Scribbled lines across the page perhaps indicating he had written a letter of this information.]

Send me word if [C.........]. can
talk any yet.
They get [or set] out the coffey mill
[th....] the Gin and then the bacon
the cotton fields are white with
bools [bols].
Your chicken coop is warmer
than many of the houses.
How is the Little piggs getting
A long How many
did you keep
did the meat I left you
Last you till you killed the pigs
this fall
how mutch flour have you
got of that that I left you
please let me know

37 [Scribbled lines across the page perhaps indicating he had written a letter of this information.]

the people toat
there grist to Mill
are carry the girl
to the dance
Jen [January] 12 a big Syclone
Jen 15 4 Nigers set fire
to a barn and burnt
up 7 mules and 1000 bus[hels]
of corn. 3 of the Nigers
was killed 2 of them
was hung. The rest will
be hung as soon as
they can ketch them.

38 [Scribbled lines across the page perhaps indicating he had written a letter of this information.]

did You
Save Eny Luser [Lucerne] seed
put that peas of land
take good Care of my
mandoline i would like
play a A Time on it
[-] [-]
[-]Book dose Sam [...]
[-] [-]
Dose may know hir
Letters yet Dose Albert
ask where I am now
Can Lennard talk
Like Chickens
How many piggs
Send your Regards

if you [can] any think
the Lining of my cote
pleas take notes of the
questions I ask you
did you get your pay
of the company
I find my birthday
and the babys Come on
the Same day
Same month

Wages is (50¢) per day
How long did that flour
Last You

President John Morgan
What is the fair from
Chattanooga to [Aranomy]

[blank page]

Books that I
Want the little Book
caled the hand of

reciped for Piles
sure cure indians
Pile Ointment


[Pages 44 through 63 missing]

perused the letter

May 1, 1884 S C. Parkinson
Juranal May 1 Received
Letter from Brother Taylor
to on a mission to the
Southern States & to Start
May 20. Answered Letters May 2
No Excuse to offer ,&, Stating
I was ready to go.
May 17 Went to Logan to Confrance
Same day Seen temple dedicated
May 18 Attended to meetings ,&,
received notice not to Start
on my mission for one week

May 26 Come to odgeden
railway fair $4.45

May 26 Came from ogdin
to Salt Lake City paid
$2,00 Set apart to go on
a mission by H.G. Grant
paid my fare to
Chatinuga 24 & Staid
With Bro Couly all night

May 27 Started from
Salt Lake City came
up the valley along
by the wasatch mountains
then up blacksmith fork
Canion. Stoped then [-] on
Acount of hi water.
had to walk half
a mile ,&, Carry our Ludge [luggage]

May 28. Went from pesant
valley junction down
prices canion eight miles
to a washought then
returned to place of

May 29 Come from
pesant valley to
odgin City was
transfurd one half mile

30 Started from ogden
Come up webor rivor
then to bair rivor then
to Evingston then to grean
rivor then to rock Springs

then north plat then
South plat then
Larmia City Seen a great
Menny antilope
then to Shyan City
,&, transfurd to the union
pacific then to Denver
City then to pueblo
then to orcansus then to
Los angelus [animas]
then to Carson City [probably Dodge or Garden City]
June 1 traveled up the
orcansus river

June 2 Cole river then
to orcansus City [located on the Kansas/Oklahoma border]

June 3 then from
Cansus City to ST. Loouis

June 4 Went to ant
Clarrid Stoped all [He had an Aunt Sarah McKinney and an Uncle William Berry in St. Louis, Samuel Rose's step-sister and step-brother.]
Night then went up
to Zoological garden
Came back on the Street
Car then went up to
Store bought 2 Shirts
one pare of pants
paid $5.00 for them
Crosed the mosurid
rivor on the iron bridge
Seen a great menny
boats on the river

June 4 pased threw
Sinsanata ,&, a cros
the ohio river then
Lexington then to
Cumblin [Cumberland] river
in Pulaskey Co
Crosed the tensee
River ,&, Come to
Chatinuga Stoped
at the florinteen hotul

June 5 Stoped in
Chattanooga Tenn
all day had a meel
in the bedroom with
Brother B.H.Roberts

,&, Kimbel ,&, Sent to
our fields of Labor
In alabamma ,&, I
also paid Kimbel
$80.00 in Cache ,&, I was
to have it When Ever I
wanted it

---------------------------- [Squiggly line]

June 6 Started from
Chattanooga to
Tuscumbia on the
Memphis ,&, Charleston
R.R. Crosed the
TennSee river twis
,&, Stoped in
Tuscumbia all Night
[Helen Keller was born 1880 1/2 mile from Tuscumbia.]
[Colbert Heights Mountain]

[Good Springs is the likely location for this bed & breakfast inn.  It is unfortunate that Samuel paid $1.50 for the wagon ride as the train was available to Russellville for 20 cents.]
June 7 come from
Tuscumbia on a wagon
roads verry muddy
Come to Russelvill paid
$1.50 for the ride ,&,
Stoped there all night
& paid 75¢ for Supper &
bed & brectfust

[The mountain mentioned is most likely Spruce Pine Mountain.  Currently State Highway 43 grade is cut through the top of the mountain.  At the summit there is a road to the east, Spruce Pine Mountain.]

June 8, 1884 walked from
russelvill to a family at the foot of the mountain
& was in vited in to Eat
Dinner and a Long talk
abought our faith and
Left a vois of warning [missionary tract]
with him & Come to

[Much of Samuel's walking  apparently followed the Old Military Road as he evidently followed a network of church members and investigators tracting his way from one to the other.]

Brother Baylies &
Stoped all night 12 miles
June 9 Left Brother
Bayles ,&. went 4 miles
to brother Stricklans &
Stoped all night had
A good time

" 10 Come from Mrs.
Strickland to Brother Bayleys
,&, Stoped all night & Shaved
and got my hair Shingele
4 miles

" 11 went from bayles to
Stricklans 4 miles & Stoped
all night

June 12, went from bro
Stricklons into woods
had prayers ,&, Studded [studied]
June 13. Come from Stricklon
to mr Scots & got Lost
Traveled 6 mile

June 14. Walked from Mr
Scots to Wooton ,&, Stoped
all night 4 miles

June 15 Walked from wooton
plase to Sister dillls plase
went to a methess [Methodist] meeting
3 miles 35 members presant
Wimmun ,&, men all Smoked

June 16. walked from Sister
Bayles to 3 ro [or] 5 plases before
We Could get a plase to Stop
Stoped at Mrs Smiths plase
all night Left a vois of warning
["We" --This is the only time I recall him indicating he had a companion.]
to read walked ,5, miles

June 17. from mr Smiths
to Orrick plase ,&, I
was verry Sick walked ,4 mi

June 18 walked from orricks
to mrs Stricklons and was
Sick. ,5, miles

June 19. walked from mrs
Stricklen to Bro. Bayles and a
to Father and mother walked 4 mi
[I wonder if he left out "wrote a letter" to Father and Mother?]

June 20 walked from Brother
Bayles to Burfield and had
a long talk with them on
the Gospel and Stayed all
night 6 miles

June 21 walked from Burfield
to Kuykendall plase All night
7 miles

June 22 [Sunday] walked from
Kuykindall to flippus [Phillips]
and held one meeting had
a verry good time I spoke
on faith ,3, miles

June 23. walked from flippos to a high
bluff where we Could See 5 or 6 miles

over the low hills and timber
the to Mr burfields and
Stoped all night 4 miles

June 24 walked from
burfields to Stricklens
12 miles

June 25 hleped Mr Stricklin
with his wheat

June 26. Cut grain for

June 27 Cut grean
for Stricklen
[Stricklands have typically lived in the Duncan Creek area.]
June 28 cut grain for Stricklen

June 29 walked from
Mr Stricklon to Mr James
Stanfords and held one
meeting 14 presant 12 miles

[Stanfords, Quinns and Robinsons live in Isbell.]
June 30 walked from
Mr James Stanfords
to Mr Quinns had dinner
walked into valley Mr
Robbinson would not
Let us Stay because we
was we was mormens
walked 10 miles before we
Could get a plase to
Stop had a Dream

July 1 Walked from Mr. Quinns
To russelvill back to Mr parks
Stoped all night 10 miles
received a letter from
L. Andrus

July 2 walked 10 miles recieved
4 letters and 2 papers

July 3 rote 3 Letters and
Walked 4 miles

July 4 Stoped with Mr
Stricken and was redding

July 5 walked from Stricklen
to Scots 4 miles

July 6 Held one meeting
at Scots Brother buttler
baptised Sister Scot and
I Confirmed her a member
of the Church of Jessus
Christ of Latterday Saints

July 7 Walked from mr
Scots to Stricklens 3 miles

July 8 I was Sick and
Stoped at Striklons

July 9 Stoped with mr Strett
all day and Studded [studied].

July 10. Stoped at Stricklons
Totle of miles walked
up to July 10 156 miles

July 11 Walked from
Stricklons to Bayles
4 miles

July 12 Walked from
bayles to barfields 7 miles

July 13 walked from barfield
to bayles then cared [carried] our
Satchels to Stricklons 12 miles

July 14 Stoped at Mr
Stricklon all Night

July 15 I walked from
mr Stricklens to Scots 4 miles

[Ozbrin (Allsburn) families lived in the Little Bear Creek area.

July 16 Walked from Scots
to Allsburn but we could
not Stop With him then
Walked to Standfords
15 miles

July 17 Walked from Stanfords 7
plases befour we could get a plase
to Stop Strother
Stoped at J.H. Stured 16 miles
Printest [Prentiss, Mississippi (MS)] Co.

July 18 Walked from Stured
to Mr. Rion 13 miles and Stoped
all night Terimingo [Tishmingo, MS]

July 19 Walked from Rions
to Mr. Addams Stoped
all night 10 miles

[Adams, and Robinsons lived in the Isbell area.]
236 miles July 19

July 20 Walked from Mr.
Addams to Mr Robinsons
Held a meeting and Stoped
all night 2 miles

July 21 Walked from Mr
robinsons to Mr J.W. Dudal
5 miles

July 22 Walked from
Mr dudals to Mr Barnett.
had one meeting 10 miles
5 refused
July 23. Walked from
Mr. Barnett to Mr Hollay
Stoped all night 4

July 24 Walked from
Mr Holbys to Mr
G.A.Clark 12 miles

July 25 Walked Clarkes
plase to Epps for dinner
Then to Mr
Ledbetter and Stoped all
Night 6 miles

July 26 Walked from
Ledbitters to Stanfords
12 miles

July 27 Held meeting
at Stanfords then walked
to halmontons [Hamiltons] 6 miles Seen [or Sun- ie. Sunday]

July 28 Walked from
Mr Hamelton to Mr. Quinns
15 miles

July 29 Walked from Mr. Quins
to Mr. Stricklons ,10, miles

July 30 Stoped With Mr. Stricklon
and rote Some letters one to
Sharlott Prat and one to
William and one to
Mother and Clarah
received the Same day letters
from W.C. And S.p. and C.P.
and Same day rote to
nessey [daughter]

July 31 walked from Mr. Stricklans
to Mr Bayles 4 miles

Aug 1 Walked from Mr
Baylis to Mr Barfields
7 miles

Aug 2 Walked from
Barfields [Burfield] to russelhill [Russellville]
received a letter from Polly
and a letter from Frank and
a letter from Ester and a
letter from mother and lent
John Buttler $150¢ and
Stoped with henery Barfild
walked 12 miles

Aug 3 Walked from Barfields
to Bayles Stoped all night
6 miles

Aug 4 Walked from Bayles
to Stricklens 4 miles and
lent $1.00 to Israelsen.

Aug 5 Walked from Stricklons
to Scots 3 miles.

Aug 5 Walked from Stricklons
to Scots 3 miles

Aug 6 Walked from Scots to
Utons [Uptons] 4 miles

Aug 7 Walked from Utons
to J. J. Jones 12 miles
refused 9 plases

Aug 8 [a Friday] Walked from Mr. J. Jones
to Mr. henrys refuzed 4 plases
and walked 5 miles and
went to a meeting in the eving
Cald the Camilites [Campbellites] [Church of Christ]

[Grahams lived in the Rockwood area.] 

Aug 9 [a Saturday] held 2 meetings one
at 10 oclock and one at 3
in the afternoon had 130
members Each meeting
and Stoped with Mr Grayhams
all night Walked 4 miles

Aug 10 Walked from Mr Grahams
to Mr Crows Stoped all night
turned of 8 plases. Walked
15 miles

[Written along left margin and across top of page.]
in mississippi and tisimingo [Tishomingo] Co. Colbort [Colbert, AL] Co Franklin Co [AL

Aug 11 Walked from Mr
Crows and went to meeting
and took dinner with a
preacher then walked
to mister G.M. Sanders
refused 5 plases 5 miles
We Was then in mississippi
Aug 12 Walked Mr Sanders
to Mr Moodys and held
one meeting and walked 5 miles
Totle of miles walked Aug 12 411 miles

Aug 13. Walked from Mr.
Moodys to mr Rayes held
meeting Walked 4 miles
and Crosed Seeder [Cedar] Crick
on a boat

[Rays and Whites lived in Belgreen area.]

Aug 14 Walked from Mr
Rayes to Mr. Whites
and Stoped all nite Walked
14 miles

Aug 15 Walked from Mr
Whites to Mr hamilton
10 miles

Aug 16 Walked from Mr
hamelton to thomas
Bayles Stoped all night
10 miles

Aug 17 Walked from Mr T
Bayles to Mr Scots Stoped
Al night ,4. miles

Aug 18 Walked from
Mr Scots to Mr Stricklons
stoped all night Walked 4 miles

Aug 19 Walked from Mr
aug 19 Stoped with Mr
Stricklons all nite

Aug 20 Walked from
Mr Stricklons to Mr
Bayles Stoped all night
4 miles

Aug 21 Walked from Mr
Bayles to Barfields Would
Not let us Stope Walked Back
to Bayles 13 miles

Aug 22 Stoped all nite
with Mr Bayles

Aug 23 Walked from Mr. Bayles
to Mr. Scots and Stoped all
night 7 miles

Aug 24 Walked to the Chisa
and held meeting 20 members
present Stoped all night
with Mr. Scots

Aug 25 Walked from Scots
to Mrs hayes Stoped
all night ,4, miles

Aug 26 Walked from Sisters

Dills to mister Scots Stoped
all night 4 miles

Aug 27 Walked from Mr
Scots to Mr Stricklens
and Stoped all Night
4 miles

Aug 28 Stoped with Mr

Aug 29 Walked from Mr
Stricklons to the post office
and then to Bro Bayles and
Stoped all night 13 miles
and received $(5.00) from F.C.P.
Aug 30 Stoped with Brother
Bayley all Night
Aug 31 Walked from Mr
Bayles to Mr Stricklons & Stoped
Al night walked 4 miles

Sep 1 Stoped with Mr
Stricklen and give him
$2.50) and rote a letter
L. Andus one to F.C.P.
and one to Clara Parkinson

Sep 2 Stoped with Mr Stricklen

Sep 3 Come from Mr
Stricklons to Mr Scots Stoped
all Night 4 miles


Sep 4 Com from Mr. Scots
to Mr Utons Stoped all night
4 miles
Sep 5 Walked from Utons to the
office got a letter from hom
and one from Laron Andrus
and Bro hurd and walk
16 miles
Sep 6 Stoped Bro. Bayley
all night
Sep 7 Walked from Mr
Bayles to Mr Rapers
Stoped all night 2 miles

Sep 8 Walked from Mr. raper
to Mr Stricklons 2 miles
Stoped all night

Sep 9 Stoped With Mr Stricklons

Sep 10 Walked with Mr Stricklon
to mill and cared [carried] a grist [watke]
10 miles and Stoped with

Sep 11 Stoped with Mr Stricklon

Sept 12 Stoped had a chill
and was Sick all day
Sep 13 Stoped " " "
and received ($1.00) from Mr
Israelsen the Same being
the amount that he oad me
a man told me that he would be
glad when the mob law was in fourse

Sep 14 Stoped Mr. Stricklen

Sep 15 " " "

Sep 16 " " "

Sep 17 Walked from Mr. Stricklon
to Robins and Scots Stoped all
Night Walked 6 miles

Sep 18 Stoped with mr Scot all

Sep 19 Walked from Mr Scots
to Mr Stricklons 4 miles

Sep 20 Walked from Stricklons
to Bayles 4 miles

[The post office mentioned was likely located at the present location of Old Nauvoo.]

Sept 21 Walked from bayles
to the postoffis and Back to Bayles
12 miles
Sept 22 Stoped with Bro. Bayles
and walked 5 miles

Sep 23 received a letter from
W.C.P. and ($5.00) and walked
from Mr Bayles to Mr. Stricklens
4 miles
Sep 24 Stoped with Mr. Stricklen
Sep 25 " " " "
Sept 26 Walked from Stricklens
to hen. Barfields 10 miles
Sep 27 Walked from mr barfields
to Russelvile and then to Mr.
filippos and lent Bro Butler

$7.80 ) and walked 11 miles
Sep 28 Walked from Mr. flipps
to Mr taylors one 1 mile.
and helped With a Sick man

Sep 29 Walked from Mr. taylors
to mr Barfields 12 miles

Sep 30. Walked from Mr Barfields
to Br. Bayes [Baylys, see below] 8 miles

Oct 1 Stoped with Bro. Bayly

Oct 2 " " " "
Oct 3 Walked from Bro. bayles
to John Rapers Stoped all Night
Walked 2 miles

oct 4 Walked from Mr
Rapers to Stricklens and Stop
all night Walked 2 miles

oct 5 Stoped With Mr
Stricklen all night

oct 6 Stoped With Mr
Stricklen all night

oct 7 Stoped with Mr

oct 8 Walked from Mr
Stricklens to Mr. Scots.
Stoped all Night 4 miles

oct 9 Walked from Mr. Scots
to T. Bayles 3 miles

oct 10 Walked from H. Bayles
to John ootns 2 miles

oct 11 Walked from Mr. ooten
to Sister dills 4 miles

oct 12 Stoped With Sister
oct 13 Walked from Sister dills
Bro Bayles 15 miles
oct 14 Stoped With Bro Bayle
Oct 15 Walked to rapers Stoped
all night 2 miles

oct 16
Walked from rapers
to Stricklens 2 miles

oct 17 Stoped With Striclens
up to that time rote 45
Letters and also Walked 660
" 18 Walked from Stricklen
to the postoffice and to
Bayles 12 miles
" 19 Stoped with Bayley

" 20 Walked from Bayles
to Stricklens 4 miles
" 21 Walked from Strickeln to Scots
and rote one letter Walked 4 miles

oct 22
Stoped with Mr Scot and
rote a letter to Joseph Huntsucher

" 23 Walked from Mr Scots
to Sister Dills 5 miles
" 24 Walked from Sister Dills
to Bellgreen and bought one [Bellgreen is south of Cedarcreek] [Highway 247.]
shirt and then Walked to Mr
Kirkendawls 12 miles [Kuykendalls typically lived along County Road 23, Old Burleson.]

" 25 Walked from Mr Ker
to Mr Henery Barfield 8 miles
had dinner then to Bro Bayles
and stoped all night 7 miles
" 26 Stoped
With Bro Bayle

oct 27
Walked from Bro Bayles
to Mr Stricklens 4 miles

oct 28 Stoped With Stricklen
" 29 " " "

" 30 Walked fro Mr Stricklen
to Mrs Gibson 18 miles
refused 4 plases

" 31 Walked from Mrs Gibson
to Atwood 10 miles refuzed
2 plases

Nov 1 Walked from Mr Atwood
threw Larnce [Lawrence Co., AL] Co. to Mr Morrison [Likely via County Road, B32.]
10 miles

[Nov 2-3 are bracketed with the notation "Larance Co."]
Nov 2 Walked from Mr.
Morrisons to Mount Hope
and held meeting 30 preset [present]
thens to Mr. Stephensons
Stoped all night 6 miles

Nov 3 Walked from Mr
Stephensons to Mr millward
held meeting 80 presant 5 miles
up to now Walked 760 miles

" 4 Walked from Muline [Moulton] to
Mr. [ blank, no name] Stoped all
night walked 12 miles
" 5 Walked from Mr [blank, no name] to
Mr Woods, 15 Miles

Nov 6
Walked from Mr Woods
to Mr Smiths an member
of the Church 5 miles

" 7 Walked from Bro
Smiths to Bro Sturend
in Mogan Co. [Morgan Co., AL] 4 miles

" 8 Stoped with Bro Smith

" 9 " " " "

" 10 Walked from Bro Sturds
to Bro Smiths 4 miles
up to Nov 10 Walked 800 miles
" 11 Walked from T. Smiths
to Mr. Cornelius Stoped all
night 15 miles refused 5 plases

Nov 12
Walked from Cornelious
to D. T. montgumary Stoped
all night Walked ,15, miles

Nov 13 Walked from mr
Cornelious to H. C. Smith
turned of 10 plasses Walked
18 miles
Nov 14 Walked from H. C. Smith
to Bro Bayles 16 miles
received [136 miles from Atwood to Mr. Baileys.]  A pocket Knife from
Nessey Parkinson

Nov 15 Stoped With Bro
Nov 16 Walked to Baptizing
and Back 4 miles Stoped all night

and held meeting
Nov 17 Walked from Bro
Bayles to Mr Stricklands
4 miles

Nov 18 helped Mr Stricklend
I filed a wheel. With
pocket knife and
hatchet and set tire.

Nov 19 Stoped with Stricklen
Recieved letter from
C. W. Hobbs the baby was
Born 1/2 past 5 in the morning
the 23 of oct


Nov 20 Walked from
Stricklens to Mr. rapers
Stoped all night 8 miles

Nov 21 Walked from
rapers to Scots 6 miles

" 22 Stoped With Scot

" 23 " " "
and held meeting
and to Stricklen
" 24 from Stricklens to
Bro Bayles 4 miles

" 25 Walked from Bayles
to J. Stanferds 11 miles

Nov 26
Stoped with Stanford

" 27 Walked from Stanfords
to Scots 10 miles
up to Nov 27 walked 905

" 28 Stoped With Scot
" 29 Walked from " to
Stricklens 4 miles
" 30 Walked from Stricklens
to Bro Bayles 4 miles

[Littles lived in the Newburg area]

Dec 1 Stoped With Bro
Dec 2 Walked from Bro Bayles
to Mr Littles 12 miles.

Dec 3 Walked from
Mr Littels to Mr Warhurst
10 Miles
" 4 Walked from
Mr Warhurst to Mr
Macalester 6 miles
" 5 Walked from
Mr Macalesters to Mr
Rus and one
meeting 6 miles
" 6 Walked from the Reis
to Mr Southern held
2 meetings Walked 10 miles
" 7 Walked from Mr Southern
to Mr Warhurst 10 miles
" 8 Walked from Mr
Warhurst to Mr Barfield
19 miles

Dec 9 Walked from Barfields
to Bro Bayles 6 miles
up to Dec 9 Walked 990
" 10 Walked from Bro
Bayles to Mr Stricklens

" 11 Stoped With Mr. Stricklen
" 12 " " " "
" 13 Walked to Scots 4 miles
" 14 Stoped With Scot
" 15 Walked from Scots
to Stricklons 4 miles
" 16 Walked from Mr. Stricklens
to Mr Rapers. 2 miles Stoped
all night
Dec 17 Walked from the
Rapers to Bro Bayles

Baleys Same day
received two Selatoide
Collers from Bro. Kimbel
the Same being Charged
to my A count Walked
2 miles
Dec 18 Stoped With Brother
Baley and twisted Some
tobaco and Sent home

Dec 19 Stoped With Bro
Baley and lent Bro A.m.
Isatelsen lent him $35 dollers
to go home and Sed he Would
Send it back as Soon as he
got home.
[I wonder if Israelson was his companion.]

Dec 20
Stoped With Bro. Baley

" 21 Walked from Bro Baleys
to Stricklens 4 miles

" 22 Stoped With Mr Stricklen

" 23 Stoped " "
walked 6 miles
" 24 Stoped with Stricklen
" 25 " " " [Christmas Day]
and had punkin py for
dinner and pased the day
rather Loany thought of
the loved ones at home.

Dec 26
Walked from Mr Stricklens
To Mr Scots 4 miles
" 27 Walked from Scots
down to Big Bair Crick
and feared [ferried] a cros in a
Log Boat and to Bro. Parmers
Stoped all night 10 miles
Merian [Marion, AL] Co. [along the side margin]

" 28 Walked from Parmers
to Mr Gawh Smiths 8 miles

" 29 Walked from Mr Smiths
to Mr. Boyed and held meeting
10 miles

" 30 Walked from Mr Boyeds
to Mr A. Witmons 12 miles

Dec 31 Walked from Mr
A. Witemans to Mr
to Bro Macklemore

Gen [Jan] 1 Had Walked 1070
Jen 1 Stoped With Bro
" 2 " " "
" 3 Walked from Bro maklemore
to Mr. Coplens 7 miles
" 4 Stoped With Mr. Coplens
in Colman Co Ala [Colbert]

" 5 Stoped With Coplen
" 6 " " "
" 7 Walked fro Mr Coplens
to Bro Bickerstafs 7 miles

Jen 8 Stoped With
Bickerstaf and Walked
to Burnen [perhaps Barton] and got my
pictur taken Walked 5 miles
" 9 Walked from
Bickerstafs to Mr holiday
Stoped alnight 5 miles

" 10 Stoped With Mr holiday

Syclone tornado[inserted above dittos]
" 11 " " " "
" 12 Walked from Mr.
Jack holidays to Mr
Coplens 5 miles
and Sent 3 picturs one
to Pollie and one to Father
and Sister Hobbs [mother-in-law]
" 13 Stoped With Bro. Coplens

Gen 14 Walked
fro Mr Coplens to
Bro hollayds 7 miles
" 15 Stoped With Bro
" 16 " " "
" 17 " " "
" 18 " " "
" 19 Got in the Swamp and
had to come Back to Bro
" 20 Walked from Bro
holidays to Wilmans 12
" 21 Walked fro Eron Wites
to John louiss 12 miles

Gen 22 Walked from
John Louiss to Mr
Smiths 12 Miles

[The following area is likely in Marion County.]
" 23 Walked from
Mr Smiths to Bro Parmers
3 Miles
" 24 Walked Stoped With
Bro parmer
" genery 24 Have Walked 1145 /miles
and I have also Labored in
Franklin. Co. and Marion. Co
and Colbert. Co. Lawrance Co.
Morgan Co. and Lamar. Co.
Tishimingo. Co. and prentiss Co.
Mississippi 25 Held

Gen 25 Held
meeing at Bro
B.F. Palmer and Baptsed
one woman and one boy
5 miles
" 26 Walked bro Bro Palmer
to Bro Manias and Stoped
all night 6 miles and
held a meeting
" 27 I Baptized one young
Lady and one young
man then walked to
Mr Scots 15 miles to fierre [ferry]
baptised in bull
Montain Creek [Highway 19 out of Vina.]
" 28 Walked from Mr.
Scots to Bro. Bayles
8 miles

Gen 29 Walked fro
Bro Bayles to Mr
Barfields 7 miles
received Letter from
Pollie with five dollers
in it

Jan 30 Walked from
Mr Barfields to russell
vill and Back to Barfield
received 9 Letters and
Five papers 12 miles

Jan 31 from barfields to
Bro Bayles 6 miles

Feb 1 Stoped With Bro Bayle

Feb 2 Walked from
Bro Bayles to Stricklen
Stoped al night 4 miles
Feb 3 I had Walked
1207 miles) and held
24 Meetings and
Baptised 2 two and
conformed 3 three in
to the Church of Jessus
Christ of Latterday

[flourish] S C. Parkinson
Feb 4 Went to mill the mill
Was 2 1/4 two ours [hours] ours and a
quarter grinding 3 bus [bushels]
Corn and Walked
3 miles

Feb 5 Walked from
Mr. Stricklands to WG
Scots 4
" 6 Stop with Scot
and Split rails
" 7 Soped with Scot
" 8 Stoped With Scot
" 9 Walked from Scots
to Stricklens 4 miles

Feb 10 Stoped with Mr
Stricklens all. night

Feb 11 Walked from
Strickens to Bro Bayles
14 miles
Feb 12 Stoped with Bro
Bayley it Snowed 6 deep
same day

Feb 2
Walked from Bro
Bayles to Stricklen 14
Feb 13 Walked fro Mr.
Bayles to the P.O. received
Letter from mother and
one from Pollie and
Received hankichef from
C Peeterson and from
A A Parkinson and
Stoped with Mr Barfield
walked 6 miles
" 14 Walked from Barfields
to Bro Bayles and then
to rapers 8 miles
"15 Walked from rapers
to scots 6 miles

Feb 16 Walked fro
Scots and Crosed
Bars creek and to S
Nickelsons and we found
her verry Sick we layed
hands on her and she
Was relived from her
pain by the powr of
God. walked 15 miles

Feb 17 Stoped with
Sister Nichols for
She was very Sick

"18 Walked from Sister
Nichols to Bro. Palmors
[Marion County]                       6 miles Same night
Walk 15 miles and held

Meeting all
of them was drunk

"19 Stoped with
Bro Palmer
" 20 Walked from Bro
Palmers to Mr Smith
3 miles and was a
little sick
" 21 Stoped with Mr Smith
" 22 Walked from Mr Smith
to Bro Palmer and had
meeting and walked
3 miles
10 miles

Feb 23 I Soped
With Bro Palmer

" 24 " "
" 25 Walked from
Bro Palmers to Sister
Nickles and held
Metting and Walke 5 miles

" 26 Walked from Sister
Nicles to Mr Palmers
and held meeting and
Walked 12 miles [Marion County]

"27 Stoped with Mr
" 28 Walked from Palmer
to his Sons Ben Palmer

and held meeting
and the most of them
was drunk and come
verry neer having
truble and walked /fraid
12 miles

Mar 1 Walked from
Bro Ben Palmers to Mr
Smiths and held funeral Servis and
had a good time Walked
[illegible] miles

" 2 Walked from Smiths
to Palmer's and Blessed
children then to
Sister Nickels 8 miles

and held meeting
and a good time
Whitch is 31 meetings
Since I left home

Mar 3 blessed 2 children
and walked from Sister
Nickles to Mr Scot 12
Mar 3 Walked 1322 miles

Mar 4 Walked from
Mr Scots to Bro Bayles
8 miles

Mar 5 Walked fro Bro Baleys
to [illegible] Barfilds 6 miles

Mar 6 Walked from
Barfields to russelvile
and received my apointment
From President John Morgan
stating that I was cold [called] as
President of the Ala confrance
and walked to Bro Balyes
18 miles
" 7 Stoped with Bro Baley
" 8 " " " "
" 9 Walked from Bro Baleys
to Mr. Stricklens 4 miles
" 10 Walked from Stricklens
to Scots 4 miles

" 11 Walked from Scots
to Bro Baleys 8 miles

Mar 12 Walked from
helped Br. Baley with
a Log roling

" 13 Went to russelville
on a horse got 2 teeth filed [filled?]
and rode Back to Bro Baleys
24 miles
" 14 Walked from Bro
Balyes to Mr Stricklens
4 miles
" 15 Walked from Mr
Stricklens to Mr Scots
4 miles
" 16 Walked from Mr Scots
to Bro Palmers 15 Miles
" 17 Stoped With Bro

Mar 18 Stoped With
Bro Palmer
" 19 Walked from Bro Palmers
to Mrs. Smiths 4 miles

" 20 Stoped With Mr.

[Hamilton, Marion County]  Mar 21 Walked from
Mr Smith to Bro Palmer
and Ordained him
I finest walked
to the office of a Prist
under the hands of
S C Parkinson and
J. W. Butler S. C. P.
being Mouth piese [piece] then
walked to Sister Nichols
8 miles

Mar 22 Organised
A Branch Caled [called] Bull [or Beaver or Bauer]
Mountain Branch and
then Set Bro B.F. Palmer
as presideing offercier
of that Branch and had
a good meeting then
Walked to Bro Palmer 5 miles

" 23 Walked from Bro Palmers
to Mr Harris and received a
letter from Bro Kimble
Walked 15 miles

" 24 Walked from Mr
Harrises plase to Aron
Wilemans to Bro Holidays
12 Miles

Mar 20 Stoped
With Bro holiday
" 26 Stoped " "
" 27 " " "
" 28 " " "
" 29 Stoped With Bro
Holiday and held meeting
" 30 Walked from Bro holidays
to West Coplens Stoped all
night Walked 5 miles

" 31 Stopped with Bro
W. Coplens

April 1 Stoped With W.
Coplen and haled [hauled] rails
" 2 Walked from Coplens
to Bickerstafs 10 miles and

Held Meeting
April 3 Stoped With
Bro Bickerstaf.
" 4 Stoped With Bickerstafs
" 5 " " "
" 6 Walked from Bickerstafs
to Jack Holidays 5 miles
" 7 Stoped with Jack
" 8 Stoped with Jacke
Holiday and helped him role [roll] logs

(Ap 8 I have walked
1475 miles )

April 9 Walked
from Jack Holidays
to West Coplens 4 miles
Apr 10 stoped With West

Apr 11 Walked from Coplins
to Bro Holadays 6 Miles

April 12 Stoped With Bro
" 13 walked from Bro holladays
to aron Wilemans 12 Miles
April 14 I have held
34 meetings and Baptized
2 and Blessed 2 children
and confirmed 5 and ordained

one priest and
organized one Branch

April 14 Walked from
aram Wilemens [Williams] to mr
Smiths 20 Miles

Apr 15 Walked from Sm-
iths to Bro B F palmers
4 miles

April 16 Walked from
Palmers to Mr Scots
15 Miles
" 17 Walked form Joseph
Scots and carried my
Large satchel 8 Miles
to Bro Bailys and

Stoped all

Apr 18 started home from Bro Bayles and
walked to Tuscumba
32 miles

Apr 19 Stoped in Tuscum-
ba and spent a plesant
conssidering the influence
that was arond me

(Apr 19 I have walked
1,600 Miles)

Apr 20 started
from Tuscumba
on the memphis and
charliston railway
to Memphes City
and crosed the Mississi-
ppi river on a Steam
Boat and travel thruu
Orcanses State and
crosed Spring river

and then into the State
of Mossrie [Missouri]

Apr 21 Left F.T. Scot [Fort Scott] on
the F. T. Scot [Fort Scott] and Gulf
railway then to
Cansus [Kansas] City

and then to the
Mosrrory [Missouri] river then
to mobile then up the
Orcansus [Arkansas]
to the Montains then
over the rocky Montains'
at Marshel pass 1.8.52
ft above the sea

April 23 crosed Grean
River at eight o'clock
in the morning and then
crosed the Lower prise
river then the upper
prise river then down
prices canion then

Provo then
Spanish fork then
to Lehi then to Salt Lake
City and reported my
Mission and Stoped
all night with George

April 24 Went to Ogdin

[Pages142,143 blank.]

Matthew 17 vers
How many generations from Abarham
to Christ 425

Saint John 11 Capt
35 virs Jesus wept

How menny barley corns
is there round the World

Matthew 10 Chapt 2-5 virs
What is the name of the
twelve apostles in the
Days of Jessus

[p. 145 blank.]

June 5th Office at
D- to Cash $80.00
B.H. Roberts
per J. G. Kimball

Simson bourfield
D. Business Maneger
Deseret News
Office S.L.C.

Post office box 103
Chattanooga tennasee

Bottal with Quinine
& rubarb
Chattanooga Box 103
one mile 1/2 take the
rite hand road
Keep on the Same road
till you Come to the
Bucket facttory
then take the road
Due South till you
Come to a East & west
Lain take the west Laine
[illegible] 1/4 of a mile.


Printed page of "Departments , Bates, Reed & Cooley." Apparently part of the original purpose of the book he appropriated for his journal. On the page are some numbers which were totaled. (63, 64, 68, 69 equalling 2.67. Next set of numbers illegible.)

Calendar for 1883

[Last page]
Advertisement page
Austin, Nichols & Co., Importers and Wholesale Grocers.